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Finally, the bank are booted and we can take Bacs payments!

So if this has been putting you off, it's not longer a problem!

Please Book and pay for BiCon! Before the deadline! (with some wiggle room, please talk to us)

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Only five days left to book and pay if you want to stay on site for BiCon 2014!

If you want to arrange your own accommodation, weekend passes and day passes are available now and all through to and during BiCon.

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As part of our commitment to access, people who cannot meet the costs of coming to BiCon can apply to ourย Equalities Fund. Over the years, the fund has helped loads of people attend. We're proud of it.

But this year, our fund is running very low. We need your donations to keep it going.

Here are some examples of the costs some people who want to come to BiCon face, that the Equalities Fund could help them meet.

  • ยฃ10 could pay for a taxi to and from the train station for a wheelchair user.
  • ยฃ40 could cover a day's childcare for a parent with a heavy debt burden.
  • ยฃ100 could hire a sign language interpreter for a day, for a Deaf person.

Please give any amount you can afford by PayPal: form removed

You can also donate to the Equalities Fund when you Register for BiCon. If you'd like to give to the Equalities Fund another way, such as by BACS, please email email address removed for information.

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We have been asked why the booking deadline is 31 May this year โ€“ so we wrote a little blurb below.

  1. The venue needs final residential number and the room allocations a month in advance.
  2. We need time after the deadline to chase up payments and flat shares etc. This will take at least 1 month.
  3. We are different from last year because all venues are different. Itโ€™s about paying for the rooms. If we book them we have to pay for them whether someone is paying us or not โ€“ so we need costs in before we pay for them. It is different to last year, because last year had already agreed to pay for those rooms so had to keep going later just to recoup the cost.

However, if you want to organise your own accommodation you can get your BiCon ticket any time.

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The deadline for submitting your requests for who to share flats with is 7th of June.
The deadline for booking is 31st May, as is the payment deadline (if you need wiggle room, email us)
There is only one kind of accommodation this year, so no need to worry that the people you want to share with are in the other type.
Flats for the most part have six bedrooms, a few have five bedrooms.
You don't have to make a full set, any number of people can request to stay together.
The main accommodation block has two flats per floor.

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the theme this year is Favourite Fictional Characters

Film, TV, Books, Video games, RPG games, So many places to draw inspiration from!
Come as Conan! Go as Godzilla! Attend as Anne! Swan in from Serenity!
These are just a few of the snappy titles circling my brain.

(Dressing up is not compulsory)