1. Bookings

a. Get the BACS sorted out early! If you have internet banking access, the person doing the bookings can keep a close eye on proceedings (you will need to check BACs all the time as you can’t trust people to put a sensible reference on their booking when paying).

b. Do as much via paypal as possible. It will save you a lot of time.

c. Get a good process – you want a database that does most of the work for you. We just used google docs (and google forms for the booking spreadsheet).

d. If you can get the website person to test your website and forms from a tablet… that caused some confusion for people trying to book this year

e. Too many ticky boxes confuse people and they don’t select the right one. Just include a table then ask them to write their cost into the empty box next to it. You need to get this form right as once you’ve started, you can’t stop without fluffing up the googledoc

f. Just use gmail, don’t get another email to forward you things – faffy. You can sign your phone up to get gmail anywhere. Superbigwin.

g. Chase people politely, but frequently for payments.

h. Decide how you want to manage instalments – but you need to keep track of how much they’ve paid

i. Ensure you speak to the equality fund person often – you need them to keep you updated with progress. You’ll need to decide how you’re going to do applications early on – ie in batches.. as they come in (easiest if you ask me), etc.

j. Have all the info about kitchens, what is in them, and organisation of flats/rooms before you start doing booking if possible! You will be asked! Mention the towels somewhere haha.

k. The rest is just processing! Do not allow yourself to get bogged down. Set yourself 1 hour to do tasks and most times it won’t get to that at all.

l. Conduct applies to people before they arrive at bicon too – if people are rude or nasty to you, tell the conduct team.