Most years have a Ball. It usually has a Theme that allows people to dress up a bit more than usual if they want to. Sometimes there are other activities tied in with the Ball theme, running along side the Ball.

In 2014

The Theme is Favourite Fictional Character!

So much Choice! So many possibilities! Films, Books, TV, computer, games, So many people to choose from!
Here at BiCon HQ we love gender-bent cosplay, so anyone can come as anyone! (So long as it doesn't break the code of conduct)

There will be Decorations. And a Dressing Up Box! And there may or may not be Cake!

There will be Dancing. To Music of several kinds. Suggestions can be made in advance (so the DJs can find it) Nearer the time (maybe June).

There will be Things To Do linked to the Theme which Do Not involve being in the place with the Dancing.

If you have suggestions of things to have along side the Ball, Or if you can help us with making the Ball happen, Please contact us!


  1. Dear Ball People !

    This is my first time at Bicon so I'm really excited about it and especially the ball ! So I would like to suggest some music if I may ? There is just not enough of alternative music so i was wonderng could we have some Punk rock such as the Clash eg London's burning, Should I stay or should I go and I fought the Law
    and the Sex Pistols e.g Anarchy UK ,Holiday in the Sun and God Save the Queen

    A whats great for a good jump up and down is some Pyschobilly music t( Punk Influnced Rockabilly ) totally Amazing
    The Cramps : Be Bop Pills, All Women are Bad (funny) ,Journey to the center of a girl and Bikini Girl with Machine guns !
    The Meteroites
    And last bu not least some great Ska songs from Maddness or other groups such as Bad Manners and what about that funny song from The Ping's' Where's my Jumper'

    • Thank you! some great new suggestions, and some classics I have danced to (Vigorously!) at previous BiCons!

  2. Sorry for going on about Music but what about some great tracks from the B52's such as Rock Lobster and The Love Shack !?