3. Listening team

a. Organise in advance, do a rota. Must share emails and possibly phone numbers with each other. set up an email list with them all if you can.

b. Give them a mobile phone โ€“ you do not want this coming through the organisers phone all the time.

c. Suggest a room if you can โ€“ and how they will access it at daft o clock (you may think itโ€™s obvious… it is not… clarify).

d. Do some guidelines about their comfort levels, calling for support and referring things to local health people etc

e. Suggest a way that people will get the phone from each other โ€“ and if they want to change it they can… otherwise thatโ€™s how it should work.

f. Tell the last person how they get the phone back to you.

g. Someone needs to thank the volunteers at the closing session