BiCon is entirely run by volunteers. This means that all the things that go in to making a BiCon are done by someone who has volunteered to do it.

Currently we are looking for people to:

  • Run Sessions! Whether you would like to run one or ask that one be run on a particular topic, please email email address removed. Note the deadline for getting sessions into the handbook is the 27th June there will be some free slots for sessions to be organised at BiCon itself, but there's no guarantee of getting a space, so earlier is better!
  • Be a listener. If you have a counselling qualification or training and experience on a helpline, we need volunteers for the listening service. Get in touch if you need to know more.
  • Organise 'Nosher's Network' lunch and evening meal groups – anything from an impromptu picnic to a hunt for the best curry in Leeds (good luck agreeing on that one!) You can do this at BiCon itself, but you might want to publicise your idea earlier. Let us know if you'd like any help with this.
  • We're looking for help with social spaces away from the dance floor in the evening. We have space for a Games Room and a noisier room for jam sessions or even an impromptu play. Let us know your ideas! You don't have to organise the whole thing, you could just bring an old board game or two, or make some suggestions online and see what happens…
  • Likewise any donations of materials for the craft space would be welcome, as well as volunteers to do mini demos of their craft
  • We're looking for help sourcing safer sex supplies – do you know a project that could get us a lot of free condoms?
  • Take things away after BiCon. We expect to have quite a bit that should go to a charity shop or project after BiCon – things like decorations, board games and craft materials. If you can help get it to a good home let us know
  • Publicity! There's still time to get more non-residential attendees. There are fliers and posters available to print out. Please tell your friends, local Bi groups and LGBTQ centres, Societies, Unions, workplace groups. If you can think of people who would be interested, let them know. Or let us know and we can contact them.
  • If there is anything you'd like to volunteer to help with please contact us!

This page will be added to, please keep checking here.


  1. Jenny / Grant,

    I would like to volunteer to hold a body paint session or assist with any such session you have planned. I currently run a sought after concept art and tattoo design service. I can provide A/V resourses on the subject and limited painting materials. I live local to Leeds and will not need to be residential. Sat would be more the convenient day for me to assist you with the session.

    Two Headed Dragon Design

    • Non residential bookings can be made now (and are appreciated) through the webform, which also has a section for session offering which goes directly to our sessions coordinator. Looking forward to what sounds like a great session!

  2. I can bring some card games if that would be helpful?