Accessibility to all is one of BiConโ€™s core values. We want you to be able to enjoy BiCon regardless of disability, sickness, childcare commitments or income. One of the main ways we help people to come to BiCon is provide financial help in meeting their needs through the Equalities Fund.

We also write an Access Report covering accommodation and external areas, workshop and evening entertainment spaces.

We are happy to consider all ways in which we can make BiCon accessible to all, but as a volunteer-run organisation with a limited budget there is only so much we can do. Please ask, we'll do our best.


  1. Hi. I was planning on coming down for a day with my little one and was wondering whether there is baby-changing facilities / table-top space to put down a change mat in any of the toilets? Also, is there a quiet-ish space with comfy seating in reception or close by that would be suited for breast feeding? Finally, – sorry for long post! – what rules do you have for bringing babes-in-arms into sessions? (Obviously I would use discretion as to what sessions I took him into and would take him out if he cried!) thanks. Posting publically incase any other mums wanted to know info ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jennifer Hunt


      I will check with the venue about baby changing facilities, rather than assuming.
      Yes, there are several quietish seated spaces near reception that could be used for breast feeding. Take your pick of what makes you most comfortable.
      The rules about babes in arms in sessions are basically use your discretion. Session organisers can state no babies or children in advance and that should be in the programme. It may be an access issue for them. And take them out if they cry, so long as they are not disruptive it's all good.
      With slightly older children the rules will centre around cognition, appropriateness and confidentiality.

    • Jennifer Hunt

      I have a reply from the venue, there are baby changing facilities in the toilet beside our main room on the ground floor.

  2. That's really helpful. Thank you very much for checking.