Since BiCon is self catering quite a few people like to order grocery deliveries to their flats, so here’s some tips on how to do that.

The venue address is:

Leeds Trinity University
Brownberrie Lanen

LS18 5HD

For some supermarkets, e.g. Tescos, it looks like this is the only address you can put in when you order. This makes it very important that you put in a working mobile phone number and add your flat address to the delivery notes field as well. BiCon volunteers cannot take delivery of your groceries (imagine the chaos!).

If you are staying on site you should have your room number by now.The number is the number of the flat and the letter is which room you’re in. Most accommodation is in All Saints Court, but some people are staying in Trinity Close. You should have been told which you are in, but if in doubt do ask.

So for deliveries you should tell the supermarket your flat, eg Trinity Close flat 6, as well as a phone number.

You will also need to pick a delivery time when you will be there to receive it. Rooms should be available from 2pm on Thursday, but bear in mind that the venue can’t give everyone theirs keys at exactly the same time, so it’s best to allow a bit more time to be sure you’re in your flat.

Happy shopping, and see you soon!