08. May 2014 · Comments Off on Booking Deadline is 31st of May! · Categories: General

We have been asked why the booking deadline is 31 May this year โ€“ so we wrote a little blurb below.

  1. The venue needs final residential number and the room allocations a month in advance.
  2. We need time after the deadline to chase up payments and flat shares etc. This will take at least 1 month.
  3. We are different from last year because all venues are different. Itโ€™s about paying for the rooms. If we book them we have to pay for them whether someone is paying us or not โ€“ so we need costs in before we pay for them. It is different to last year, because last year had already agreed to pay for those rooms so had to keep going later just to recoup the cost.

However, if you want to organise your own accommodation you can get your BiCon ticket any time.

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